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The Millet Bird Sanctuary trail is situated almost in the middle of the island after a drive through the Roseau Valley and communities of Vanna and Millet. In this heaven of bird life, over 30 species can be found including five endemic species, the St. Lucian Parrot, the Oriole, the Pewee, the Black Finch and the Warbler. The trail meanders across running streams with a fresh brisk quality to the air and the ground below is fragrant and damp. Smell fresh mosses and the bark of the Bois Lansans, the Incense tree, perfumes the air making it redolent of Church services. This scented sap is also used in local obeah to ward off evil spirits. The trail affords breathtaking views of Mount Gimie, the island’s tallest mountain at 3,118 feet and also of the Roseau Dam, the largest in the Eastern Caribbean at 2km long and with an output of 6.3 million gallons of water daily. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the 1¾-miles. (2.8 km) moderate to strenuous walk, rising to about 1,000 ft above sea level, and a knowledgeable official forestry guide is on hand throughout to inform and to answer questions that you may have. Refreshment will be provided.

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